Drain Cleaners Might Not Be as Effective as You Think

When the drain clogs up, most people rush to shops to buy chemical drain cleaners. More often than not, you probably chose something with ‘professional’ or ‘industrial strength’ labels on the packaging. Its supposed quality should clear simple clogs.

In truth, these chemical cleaners are ineffective and maybe even harmful to the plumbing. An article published by a prominent product review showed that they tested these super-strength drain cleansers and ended up cowing on their promises.

Corrosive Deception

Grease, soap, hair and ground-up food usually cause blockages and it is not as easy to remove as you think. The report used two popular drain cleaners, which both tanked in removing common clogs. The reporting was honest, and so was their verdict of these caustic chemicals.

Crystals is another type of chemical drain cleaner that actually attack clogs. It is, however, volatile when encounters ammonia and aluminium, common ingredients of household cleaners and sink trims. The result in both situations is a worse plumbing problem that you never thought possible.

Then there are biological cleaners, milder drain cleaners that do not pose risks to human health. It being organic, you can expect it to pride on foregoing chemicals and, in the process, ability to eliminate blockages.

Manual Labour

In the end, manual drain cleaning proves to be the effective choice. Whether done by you or the plumber, expect to receive better results than the best drain cleaners can promise. With the help of a trusty old plunger, snakes and gas and water powered-devices, you can get rid of a nasty clog in no time.

If you choose to do the unclogging, make sure to apply force when using the plunger. The clog will not give out easily, especially if the stuff stuck to the tube. Nonetheless, it will bow down to your trusty plunger. The gas and water-powered devices are a little tricky to use, but nonetheless effective in a slightly worse drain blockage.

When in doubt, you can always call the professionals to help you. Get in touch with out plumbers and let them handle the blocked drain for you. We can also assist in other plumbing situations.

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