Using gas to cook and heat water is the economical choice. If you’re planning to install a gas appliance in your property, Perina Plumbing can help. We have a team of certified gas fitters in Perth who install and repair systems following all existing safety guidelines. Tell us what you need so we can start working on your project.

Gas Installation

Driven by the desire to help and provide solutions, our team carefully installs gas appliances. We have the knowledge, experience and technology needed to complete a project within the scheduled timeframe.

We install:

- Hot water systems
- Gas heaters, stoves and ovens
- Gas pipes
- And other appliances that use gas

Gas System and Pipe Repair

Our team consists of licensed and experienced gas fitters who also specialise in the repair and maintenance of gas appliances. We offer regular and emergency servicing to prolong your system’s lifespan and keep it functioning properly. You should never perform any gas work yourself, because it’s illegal and dangerous.

Leak Detection

There might be a leak if you can smell gas in your kitchen or near your gas heater. It can cause serious health risks and pose a fire hazard if not detected immediately. At Perina Plumbing, we use the latest technology and equipment to locate and fix leaking gas pipes. We also perform an inspection to assess the condition of your gas appliances.

Contact us today to enquire about our gas fitting services and get a fee quote.