Hard Water Hard on Pipes

For many homeowners, there are only two types of water: clean and dirty. But from the perspective of professional plumbers, there are actually more than two. Hard water is one of them.

Hard water may appear like clean water. It’s clear that you won’t suspect there is anything in it. Nonetheless, you’ll realise that your water is hard when it starts deteriorating your plumbing fixtures.

Science 101: Hard Water

Hard water is labelled hard, as it contains some levels of dissolved minerals. Typically, these minerals include calcium. It also contains magnesium ions. When these minerals accumulate, they bind themselves and form scales. Whilst it doesn’t have significant health effects, it can cause damage to your home, particularly to your drains, pipes, and other plumbing fixtures.

Its Effects on Pipes

The effects of hard water on pipes won’t manifest in an instant. It takes a gradual process before problem shows up. As it forms mineral deposits, the scales can adhere to the insides of the pipes until it affects their integrity. The accumulation may cause clogs and cracks. When you don’t stop the formation of deposits, the plumbing system runs the risk of getting wrecked.

Signs Your Water Has Unwanted Minerals

Whilst you can’t look into the interiors of your pipes, you can still find out if the water is full of excess minerals. Perhaps, the easiest way to spot its effects is looking at the things that constantly get in contact with water. See if the cutlery has some unsightly white spots and stains. If your soap or shampoo doesn’t produce suds, chances are you have hard water running through the pipes.


Prevention is easy; all you need to do is use a water softener. To keep the build-up of scales at bat, make it a habit to clean your bathroom and kitchen fixtures with acid. Work with a reliable plumber to clean the insides of the pipes.

These are only some of the things you need to know about hard water and its effects on your home. If you need assistance when dealing with this, feel free to get in touch with our team here at Perina Plumbing. Our plumbers have the expertise and experience to take care of all your plumbing installation and repair needs.

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