Humming Plumbing: Don’t Turn a Deaf Ear to Plumbing Noises

The noise coming from your plumbing system is an indication that it is calling out for help. Those annoying sounds may signal hidden problems, such as loose pipes, leaks, or blocked drains. It’s important to diagnose your plumbing system and find exactly where the noises come from so you can apply the most appropriate and effective fix for the problem.

These are needs that the Perina Plumbing team can help with. We use innovative technologies to pinpoint problems in the plumbing system with greater accuracy, allowing us to provide effective and efficient repairs. Just to give you a better idea, here are some possible reasons behind those plumbing noises:

Gurgling from the Drain

Water enters the waste pipe, bringing in air and creating a vacuum whenever you use the kitchen sink or flush the toilet. In most cases, the gurgling noises typically come from increased air pressure in the sink or the bottom of the trap.

This often happens when there is drain blockage in more than one area. It may also signal blocked vent pipes. The problem keeps the water from draining properly, which eventually causes gases to go back up and into your home. You will likely smell bad odours, compromising air quality and comfort. It’s important to inspect drains and vent openings regularly to solve blockage issues immediately.

Hissing and Thudding

These noises often signal excessive water pressure. You will likely hear hissing sounds when you open a faucet; this can increase water consumption and put a strain on your pipes if left unrepaired. To fix this, professional plumbers often install a pressure regulator to maintain normal levels of PSI.

Thudding sounds when turning off faucets may also indicate that the water pressure is too high. You may install shock absorbers or air chambers in the pipes to keep water pressure at a normal level.


Chattering may signify loose or damaged internal fittings. Often, plumbing contractors would recommend replacement of defective valves or faucets.

The same noises can also occur when appliances like washing machines and dishwashers are not properly connected to the plumbing system. Use plastic or rubber hoses to reduce the sounds.

Is your plumbing system calling out for help? Don’t turn a deaf ear to those noises; get in touch with us today. We’ll help restore your functional system and cut down those annoying sounds.

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