Professional Gas Fitters: Fighting Against Carbon Monoxide Leaks

In 2010, two children died in their sleep due to carbon monoxide poisoning. This tragedy prompted the government to require all residential properties with gas appliances to undergo professional fitting with a carbon monoxide detector.

While the incident happened in a town in Victoria, the new legislation falls under the Building Code of Australia and covers all regions. Proper gas fitting became an essential service in all homes.

The Fault in Our Heaters

The fight for safer gas fitting did not end there as new challenges rose. Last month, authorities advised homeowners to be careful when using built-in gas heaters, as some may cause potential carbon monoxide leakage. Thousands of these dangerous appliances were manufactured and sold across Australia from 2001 to 2009.

The danger became a matter of public concern after a few gas fitters reported various incidences of leakage from gas heaters. The gas installation and appliance safety department of the Energy Safe Victoria conducted extensive in-house and laboratory testing to check for hazardous carbon monoxide levels.

They found that faulty installation of gas appliances and insufficient ventilation can possibly lead to carbon monoxide emission. It always ends up to excellent gas fitting services to ensure the safety of families from carbon monoxide.

A Fitting Solution for Gas Heating Problems

Gas fitting is a delicate job, which requires professionals to have complete training, license and experience. At Perina Plumbing, we take gas fitting jobs seriously and are well equipped to install, repair and maintain your gas heaters.

Carbon monoxide is unlike any gas. The gas is not easy to detect and can poison people after long exposure. Proper installation and inspection of gas heaters is a job that requires qualified technicians.

We understand how important careful gas fitting is to your family’s safety. Contact our specialists for your gas fitting requirements. We will help you sort out potential problems with your gas heaters and appliances.

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