Are you one of the many who think you’re doing well at helping conserve water, only to discover a shocking bill indicating that your water consumption isn’t as good as you expected?

Check your plumbing system; there might be a problem with your water supply – a leak, maybe.

Leaks are among the worst plumbing problems you’ll ever experience. If left unsolved, the issue could lead to higher water bills. Some leaks are difficult to detect, especially if they are in underground pipes. While checking for common signs of leaks could help, leaving the job to the professionals is the best thing to do. Perina Plumbing, a trusted residential and commercial plumbing company, offers efficient water leak detection in Perth.

Signs You Need Professional Leak Detection Services

Some leaks are hard to locate; you can only say they exist when you notice the signs. These may include peeling wall paint, loss of water pressure, and water pooling in a certain area. A sudden increase in your water bill may also indicate a leak. It’s best to call Perina Plumbing to locate potential water leaks and avoid costly damage to your property.

Work with the Experts

Our team uses the latest technology and equipment to detect leaking pipes accurately. Our proven methods allow us to get the job done without causing any damage to your home or office building. Early detection will help you solve problems before they get worse.

Don’t wait until that simple leak cause seven worse problems. Contact us and have your plumbing system checked immediately.