Weird Things Plumbers Took Out of Clogged Drains

Blocked drains often trigger problems like mould infestation and flooding, among many others. Smooth water flow is necessary to keep these issues at bay. But, a clogged drain is something that is most likely out of your control. You can never really monitor everything that may go down the pipe.

Calling in the professionals to help you address the problem is definitely the most logical move in such situations. Plumbers usually find food wastes, clumps of hair, garbage and sanitary items. There are rare cases, though, where they took out some of the things they never expected to find down there. Here are some of them:


False teeth are not uncommon. But, what puzzles plumbers is how they ended up in the drains and sewers. Some suggest that dentures may have slipped from the hands of its owner and dropped down the toilet.

All Kinds of Clothes

This is another mysterious item that plumbers found in the drain. On separate occasions, they took out socks, underwear, shirts and even pants and jackets. Up until now, nobody can figure out how people were able to flush these things and the reasons they did it.

Dead Animals

Yet another mystery, some plumbers reported that they found dead pets blocking the drains. While people commonly flush down dead fishes, drain cleaners surprisingly found other animals, such as cats, snakes, hamsters and turtles. It may just have been an accident, but who knows?

Variety of Toys

From G.I. Joe’s and Spiderman’s to Barbie’s and teddy bears, drain cleaners and plumbers already took out different kinds of toys from the pipes. Parents sometimes lose sight of kids during playtime, who then have fun around the toilet and unknowingly flush down the toys.

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