Why Detecting Water Leaks in its Early Stages is Important

Ignoring the subtle signs of a water leak lead to bigger problems and longer times to fix. Detecting water leaks in its early stages reduces your cost and keeps the plumbing in top condition.

Problems Caused by Water Leaks

Water leaks affect the flooring of your home or office as it seeps into the wood, cement, or any kind of floor. It leads to cracks, buckling, or stains when you postpone the repairs. The effects may seem small at first, but once water accumulates over a long period of time the damage becomes noticeable.

Leaks not only damage the flooring, it also increases the risk of fires. Leaky pipes may inadvertently wet wiring in the walls or ceilings, leading to a short circuit or potential fire.

Water leaks also seep into paint and walls that deteriorates their look and damages its structural foundation. Wet, wooden walls are susceptible to termites that easily eat into it. Drywall exposed to moisture becomes soft and form bubbles, then breaks into small pieces. Ceilings that accumulate water begin to sag or eventually fall. These structural damages are preventable with early water leak detection.

Water leaks also lead to the development of mould and mildew in your office. These affect the indoor air quality that may trigger allergies and reduce work productivity. Small and slow leaks eventually burst and become a bigger problem, if not fixed immediately.

We Are Here to Help

We provide top-rate commercial plumbing services to fix water leaks before it’s too late. Proper plumbing maintenance is important. Our plumbers offer repair services or installation to keep our customers satisfied. We are ready and willing to share our expertise and knowledge about keeping your plumbing in top-notch condition.

Our services are not limited to repairs or installations. We also offer commercial fit outs, plumbing upgrades, renovation, and emergency services. Call us today.

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